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VA G17 9mm

Barrel: Rival Arms Match Grade, 5 in.
Barrel Thread: 1/2-28 TPI
Trigger: Timney Alpha Competition Series
Sights: Truglo Tritium Pro, Silencer Ready, Day/Night
Grip: Hand Stippled, Level 1
Mag. Capacity: 20+1 & 17+1
Overal Length: 8.45 in.
Weight (No Mag): 22.1 oz.


VA G42 380auto

Barrel: 3.25 in.
Trigger: Agency Arms Drop-In Flat Faced
Sights: Truglo Brite-Site TFX Pro, Day/Night
Grip: Hand Stippled, Level 1
Mag. Capacity: 10+1 & 6+1
Overal Length: 5.94 in.
Accessory: Streamlight TLR-6
Weight (No Mag): 14.3 oz.


VA CP33 22lr

Barrel: 5.5 in.
Barrel Thread: 1/2-28 TPI
Sights: Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight
Grip: Hand Stippled, Level 1
Mag. Capacity: 50+1 & 33+1
Overal Length: 10.6 in.
Accessory Type: Picatinny and M-LOK
Weight (No Mag): 27.3 oz.



VA DB-15 5.56 NATO

Battle ready rifle is a must for every household. Some qualities of a good rifle are precision, crispness and lightness.

Hand Stippling
Starting at $100

These days you can have any designer-looking laser stippling on your grip. However, there is something special about the good old hand stippling. Once you try it, you can’t go back to a regular grip. No laser will ever imitate that natural aggression and uniqueness. There are three levels of aggression available:

Level One Stippling - Rain Drop
Grip Aggression 75%
Level Two Stippling - Rain Drop/Dragon Scale
Grip Aggression 81%
Level Three Stippling - Dragon Scale
Grip Aggression 91%
Sights & Optics Upgrades
Starting at $75

Upgrade your handgun sights to a choice of fiber optic, day-night, silencer ready sights. Add the MOS to your handgun. All of the new sights and optics are zeroed at our range.

Trigger Upgrades & Polishing
Starting at $75

Upgrade your handgun trigger for a lighter, more crisp break for a better accuracy and a cleaner shot. We can change a complete trigger assembly for an ultimate upgrade, but a simple polish can also significantly improve the OEM trigger.

Cleaning & Gunsmith Services
Starting at $75

Every gun needs to be well maintained in order to be reliable. Whether you use you firearm for conceal carry or competition shooting, routine maintenance can guarantee smooth operation. Broken guns? We fix them too.


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Women's Premium T-Shirt

The headliner of our Collection is the premium T-shirt. This is as perfect as perfect gets: it’s soft yet stretchy, a little longer than a standard tee and figure-flattering.

Men's Pique Classic Polo Shirt

Make an impression in this classic and durable men’s polo. A timeless, perfect companion for the office, the golf course, or everyday wear. 100% cotton. Heavyweight fabric (6 oz).

iPhone 12 Pro Max Aluminum Case

Add a little personality to your phone with a lightweight and sleek aluminum cover for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Avoid scratches, chips, and cracks with this protective design.

About Us
Valentine Arms Inc. started back in December 2018 with Firearms of America!

Since 2018, Frank was able to test and review hundreds of different firearms, in different calibers and styles. Every handgun, every rifle had great features and certain things that could have been better. At times, Frank felt like the firearm was almost perfect, apart from one minor design or functionality flaw. Often times, Frank wished he worked for these gun manufacturers to help them improve their designs.

This later developed into experimenting and learning the craft of gunsmith. Soon, Frank started working on upgrades. Unlike most other companies that specialize in upgrades, Frank did not care about the curb appear of the gun. “In a combat situation, it does not matter how pretty your gun looks, its color or laser engravings. In a combat situation, the only thing that matters is the functionality.  Functionality is reliability, accuracy, recoil management, magazine capacity, weight and dimensions…” – Frank V.